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Lifestyle in France

Lifestyle in France:

Do you know why this famous saying exists: “Americans Live to Work whereas the French Work to Live”?  The French are known for their mastery of Lifestyle or ‘Art de Vivre’. They have perfected a life where a 4 o’clock snack time is somewhat standard for all, having an “Aperitif” right before a meal is expected, coffee is never meant to be taken on the go, and the month of August is almost a National Vacation time.


Technology in France:

Do you know that some of the most incredible inventions were created by the French? The 35-hour workweek is a myth!! Here’s to French ingenuity! The world owes it to France for its many important inventions: the first Adding Machine (1642), Hot Air Balloon (1783), Refrigerator (1858), First Powered Flight (1856), First Motion Picture Camera (1888), Antibiotics (1989) and countless more.


Beauty in France:

Do you know why French Women are known worldwide for ageing slowly and gracefully? They own hundreds of perfumes and lotions. Come discover their secrets!  At the Taste of France you will find highly coveted luxury skin care and fragrances.  Enjoy treatments by Clarins, one of the most prestigious beauty manufacturers.



Cuisine in France:

Do you know why most people eat to live whereas the French live to eat? Meals are sacred in France. Everyone sits down for 1-2 hour lunches and a proper three-course dinner. The French love to take their time and enjoy every minute of life. Their meals are always an experience in themselves, and parts of the real pleasures of life.

Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits in France:

Did you know that France is the largest producer of wine in the world? Quite a feat for a country that’s roughly the size of Texas! Wine is sacred in France and is produced all throughout the country: Languedoc, Côtes du Rhône, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy to name a few of the top regions. 


Tourism in France:

Did you know that, although France is only the size of Texas, it attracts 82 million foreign tourists every year, making it the most popular tourism destination in the world?  Not only will Taste of France introduce you to the culture of various old world charm regions of France, it will also give you access to invaluable information directly from the French Tourist Office. 


Culture in France:

Did you know that France ranks first in the list of Nobel Prize winners for Literature by country? For centuries, French literature has been an impressive facet of French civilization. A knowledge of French literature is often considered the most useful key to understanding the French.


Children in France:

Is Taste of France a show for kids as well? They will be kings and queens!! We are conscious that lots of our guests are parents, so we made sure to make Taste of France a family friendly experience. We like making it easier for parents to have fun. There is a special kids area with an antique carousel, fun activities…


Fun in France:

This one of a kind show is about learning, eating, drinking, experiencing new things, discovering, but it is also about having fun, lots of fun. The French love to have fun and LOVE to laugh….but not always at their own expense. There are too many jokes about the French to make note of but watch out, what we lack in thick skin we make up for in numbers.